About me … my Story …

Who am I ?  

     ..that is the question I have ask myself many times over the years.  I grew up in the great state of Indiana, completed High School and joined the United States Marine Corps and got married.  Originally, I joined to have my college paid for, and during my first enlistment completed my Associates Degree.  After this enlistment and departure of my first wife, I returned to Muncie, Indiana and started back to college at Ball State University.  After a couple of years of college in the “civilian” world, and getting married, for a second time, I decided to return to the Marine Corps.  This time my intentions were to complete my education and continue my career as a Marine.  As many people know, especially those of us who served entire careers in the military, many spouses do not handle the military life well, different duty stations, long deployments, difficult assignments, and the numerous locations military people are called to service at.  As a result, military people have high losses when it comes to marriages.  My third wife, who I met while on recruiting duty, had wanted children, and me at 30, also had a deep desire to have children.  It was from this marriage I was fortunate to have five children.  My children were born where ever I was station, making the first two Californians, the third a New Yorker , the forth a Virginian, and the final one a hoosier, just like me. 

I completed my 20 years of service in July of 1998.  It was soon after this, I lose my wife and became a single father, with children who’s ages ranged from 13 to 1.  They all grew up, and have families of their own now, except one.  The last one is completing college this year and will soon be starting his new life.  I went on to other careers, after the military, as a property manager at various properties scattered around the United States, then to a Call Center working as an AppleCare Advisor.  I returned to my hometown in Oct of 2008 to be around my parents, in their final years.  It was a couple of years after returning that God smiled on me once more and blessed me with my current wife, Michele.  She has restored my faith and humanity and is a remarkable woman.  She is both a loving and devoted wife and I’m sure will be my last love.  We stayed in Muncie, until her retirement in 2019.  In early 2020 we moved to Fort Benjamin Harrison a former U.S. Army post, located in the suburban of Lawrence Township, Marion County, Indiana.  I have lived all over the world and much of the United States while serving in the military and then in property management, but returned to the state of Indiana, where as a child I called it “home“.   I have dedicated my years since returning to my family and my Family’s Genealogy.

My twenty years in the Marine Corps gave me the opportunity to obtain many degrees, an Associates of Arts from Azusa Pacific College, Azusa, California; a Bachelor of Arts Degree from National University, in San Diego, California; and a Master of Arts in Management and a Master of Arts in Business from Webster University, St. Louis, Missouri.  The Marine Corps provided me many attributes that help me be the person I was meant to be.  Characteristics, like persistence, discipline, confidence and many other leadership qualities.  Not only did they make me a successful Marine, but provided me success in the civilian world as well.  I am currently retired.