About me … my Story…

Who am I ?  

   That’s is the question I have ask myself many times over the years. I grew up in the great state of Indiana, completed High School and joined the United States Marine Corps.  Originally, I joined to have my college paid for, and completed my Associates Degree during my first enlistment.  Returned to Muncie and started Ball State University to become a teacher in English, with a minor in Multicultural Eduction.  After a couple of years of college in the “civilian” world, and getting married, I decided to return to the Marine Corps. This time my intentions were to complete my education and continue a career as a Marine.  I went on to receive my Bachelor Degree from National University in San Diego, California.   I received my Master of Arts in Management and Master of Arts in Business from Webster University, St. Louis, Missouri. 

    I had a successful career as a Marine and retired in July of 1998.  I went on to other careers, as a property manager for 10 years, then in a Call Center working as an AppleCare Advisor.  Soon after retiring from the military, I became a single father and raised my 5 children, who now, all except one, are grown and out on their own.  I returned to Muncie, Indiana in Oct of 2008 to be around my parents, in their final years.  They have since past on, and in this time found a wonderful woman to share my life with, I have since stayed in Muncie. I had a successful career as a Marine and went on to other careers.  Muncie was my starting point in life, although I have lived all over the world and much of the United States while in the military, I have returned to what I knew as a child as “home“.   I am currently retired and have dedicated my years since returning to Muncie, on my family and my Family’s Genealogy.