My Military Billets

Military (Occupations)

Location: Marine Corps Base, Quantico, Va.
Billet: Equal Opportunity Staff Advisor Billet

Monitored pulse of diverse organizational climates. Assisted and conducted investigations of discrimination to include sexual harassment. Arbitrated complaints in the informal and formal stages. Planned, coordinated and implemented ethnic observances for the recognition of various ethnic groups for organizations consisting of 7000 employees. Extensive experience in interviewing, complaint processing, collecting and assessing data, accessing affirmative action plans, diversity programming, and managing programs focusing on diversity training and empowerment. Principal advisor to General Officers, Senior Executives and lower Commanders on issues of equal opportunity. Designed, established and implemented affirmative action plans, developed service wide lesson plans, surveys, and provided specialized training. Published four years of EO related topics newspaper articles.

Location: United States Marine Corps, 1st Marine Corps District, New York
Billet: Statistician Billet

Responsible for quantitative analysis of entire district recruiting effort. Conducted comparative evaluation of recruiting markets. Manager of automation programs within district. Coordinated and hosted various recruiting conferences Evaluated software and training solutions for the diverse recruiting market. Operations Chief for recruiting stations Europe.

Location: Marine Corps Air Station Tustin, California
Billet: Administrative Chief/Officer Billet

Established administrative policy and procedures, directing and supervising administrative functions of office environment. Analyzed and organized office operations and procedures, such as typing, bookkeeping, flow of correspondence, filling, information systems, requisition of supplies and related activities of other sections to ensure efficiency and economy. Evaluated Office procedures and devised plans to improve work flow efficiency. Prepared employee ratings and conducted employee benefit and insurance briefings. Provided a full range of office and building services including supply and maintenance management such as: space acquisition utilization, equipment, furniture repair and replacement, telephone, copying, facsimile and messenger services. Supervised and researched the preparation of documents required for retention, termination, assignment, and advancement of employees. Prepared unfunded and funded travel orders, evaluations, retention documents, identification cards, and leave authorizations. Processed White House, Federal Agency documents and correspondence within and between the federal government and the private sector.

Location: Marine Corps Air Station Tustin, CA
Billet: Legal Officer

Provided services required in the legal administration of an 1800 personnel unity. Researched investigated facts, and preparation of all legal documents. Counseled service members regarding rights and how rules and regulations apply to individual situations.

From:  April 1976 - 1979 and from July 1981 to 1986

Billet:  Various Assignments and Duties (E1-E5)

Recruiter, Information Systems Coordinator, Education and Training NCO and served several different billets in the Infantry.